Everything about PoinTIMoviE

So, what is the « plus » of « Real 4D™ »  ?

We can reveal that our system modifies the story of a movie each time you'll watch it. 
"Real 4D" brings back spectator to his past, when he was watching the movie for the first time. PoinTIMoviE is a kind of time travel machine...
The experience is like the one of the first time, ever and ever. 
It is endless (a scent of « Groundhog day »...).
Because a movie is a world, and having access to several of its possible stories, using « Real 4D for movie » is like to explore parallel worlds.

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What is happening now ?

On one side, we are producing the first movie in « Real 4D » ever. 
  Its title is « Taking Five Fingers », a thriller with only 5 actors, a story in the same vein than HITCHCOCK's films, with suspense...  

​On other side, we are developping and selling the system (License, software, trainings, technical assistance, etc.) to movie companies.

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What's next ?

With « Real 4D for movie », we have to reinvent how to write a script, how to produce, how to shoot, how to edit a movie. 
And of course, a new way to screen it. 
For this, we have to teach professionals, to train them to work efficiently, in order to use all possibilities « Real 4D » offers.
We'll create new jobs, new careers, new trades, new industry in entertainment because, nothing will be the same anymore.
We will create a school, or at least, do classes.

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What is the main interest to produce a « Real 4D » movie ?

Movie is a special « product », like a book. Its big part is the discovery. 
Because a spectator who has already seen a movie is almost a lost client for any movie, it is quite the reverse with « PoinTIMoviE » system, the experience of the discovery remains for movies in « Real 4D ». Ever ! And even more, the curiosity to watch another story appears in the mind of people...  
And so, spectators can come back to theater, can watch again on TV the same movie (meaning the same title), they can, now, expect only one thing : the Unknown.              Thanks to uncertainty. 
So, the number of clients increases, meaning the number of ticket sales, only yet with the same number of spectators, because a person who has already seen the movie is not a lost client anymore. And now, each person, each spectator is not anymore a lone, a unique client, but becomes a possible multiple client, who can come back several times to theaters, to TV channels, to DVD rental stores for the same « product ». 
And so, the revenue generated for movie production companies and film distributors increase. And this, for the same cost of marketing than any else movie. When media campaigns try to catch more and more clients, which is pretty useless because you can't make decide people to come with more publicity if they did not want to do it before, PoinTIMoviE system helps yet to keep those spectators as « alive » clients.  
In addition, « Real 4D for movie » gives now, a good reason to get, to buy a DVD, or even to rent it several times. So, the sales of DVD or any kind of individual digital media and formats will increase.

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