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The Real 4D Movie System.

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Our website www.R4D4us.com is dedicated to "Real 4D" contents,
movies and TV series.

Watch our very first demo, shown at CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2018.

​​​Watch Our R4Demo.

 First Movie in "real 4D ©"

We are producing the first movie in « Real 4D » ever. 
  Its title is « Taking Five Fingers », a thriller with only 5 actors, a story in the same vein than HITCHCOCK's films, with suspense..



With « Real 4D for movie », we have to reinvent how to write a script, how to produce, how to shoot, how to edit a movie. 
And of course, a new way to screen it. 
For this, we have to teach professionals, to train them to work efficiently, in order to use all possibilities « Real 4D » offers.
We'll create new jobs, new careers, new trades, new industry in entertainment because, nothing will be the same anymore.
We will create a school, or at least, do classes.


We were officially present for the very first time